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You Can Pray To Help ...

Crisis Relief
  • Provide supplies to impoverished areas through donations

  • Help people in war-affected areas with donations

  • Help people in areas affected by natural disasters through donations

  • Help endangered animals survive better by donating

Social Hot Events
  • Roe v. Wade

  • Uvalde school shooting

Spread the Gospel
  • Donate to build more churches around the world

  • Building more Christian schools through donations

  • Building more medical institutions through donations

  • Make your dreams come true with donations

  • Help your family by donating


Our Team

Momo / COO
  • pNorthwestern University,

  • pVeteran entrepreneur, co-founded a family fund

  • pEstablished a team to trade crypto assets since 2018

0xLonng / CTO
  • pThe CTO of a public chain and made ICO successfully

Nejteh / Ambassador
  • pSydney University with a triple major

  • pHead of products and sales at Hashkey

  • pCo-founder of a web3 incubator called

Red_Phoenix / CEO
  • pTsinghua University, ranked1st in GPA

  • pVeteran entrepreneur, co-founded the top SNS account matrix in China with 3,000 accounts by AI production, accumulated 300 million followers

  • p A well-known KOL with 1 million followers.

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