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You Can Pray To Help ...

Crisis Relief
  • Provide supplies to impoverished areas through donations

  • Help people in war-affected areas with donations

  • Help people in areas affected by natural disasters through donations

  • Help endangered animals survive better by donating

Social Hot Events
  • Roe v. Wade

  • Uvalde school shooting

Spread the Gospel
  • Donate to build more churches around the world

  • Building more Christian schools through donations

  • Building more medical institutions through donations

  • Make your dreams come true with donations

  • Help your family by donating


  • What is LUMI?
    Lumi is a protocol that tokenizes your spiritual power. Daily prayers are recorded by tokens which can be donated to charity projects all over the world.
  • What is the difference between prayer in the real world and Lumi?
    When we pray in real world: Generate spiritual energy → Send energy to beneficiaries → Aggregate ppl with same vision(church) When we pray on Lumi: Transform energy to token → Send token to beneficiaries → Meet ppl with same vision, Privacy protected by ZKP → Vision come true,Prayer answered
  • How to pray?
    Buy sheep and pray in our DAPP,get token rewards, tokens can be used to donate or help others
  • What can I do but pray?
    You can read the Bible in DAPP and see what other prayers are praying. Bringing the prayers of the world closer together
  • How to help each other at LUMI?
    In our "garden" we can post prayers or wishes for help, and others who see them will help or help us with our wishes

Our Team

Momo / COO
  • pNorthwestern University,

  • pVeteran entrepreneur, co-founded a family fund

  • pEstablished a team to trade crypto assets since 2018

0xLonng / CTO
  • pThe CTO of a public chain and made ICO successfully

Nejteh / Ambassador
  • pSydney University with a triple major

  • pHead of products and sales at Hashkey

  • pCo-founder of a web3 incubator called

Red_Phoenix / CEO
  • pTsinghua University, ranked1st in GPA

  • pVeteran entrepreneur, co-founded the top SNS account matrix in China with 3,000 accounts by AI production, accumulated 300 million followers

  • p A well-known KOL with 1 million followers.

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