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Pray to Give
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If one part suffers, every part suffers with it;
If one part is honored, every part rejoices with it. 
(1 Corinthians 12:26 NIV)

Problems of Centralized Donor Agencies

High Commission fee/ Low efficiency in dissemination 

High cost of fundraising; Participated as individuals, no solidarity or scale spread effect; 
Rarely feedback from beneficiaries;

Centralized power

Ownership of user data leads to privacy security issues; Transparency issues; Individual donors have no right to decide how to spend the money;

Only focus on how much money is raised

Unable to care for monirities; Disregard for diversity of participation and subsequent impact;


What is Lumi?

Lumi helps people with the same ideal to better UNITE and DONATE by Web3 technology.

When users use our dApp to read the bible/pray, they get tokens to promote and donate to charity projects.

Users who have helped in the same charity project will get a SBT badge. They can find their community with the badge.

POCP (Proof of Contribution Protocol) motivates people with extra money donate more, and people without extra money can still help.

How to realize?
Overview of Data

Overview of Data

Already got 1 Million+ Chrisitian followers in 7 Weeks

More and more pastors and churches around the world help us build Lumi together to achieve cross-regional prayer and mutual assistance

Subscribers have posted 3 million+ prayers in Lumi community

Subscribers have shared the Bible verses 4.5 million+ times in Lumi community


Post prayers everyday


Bible Verse Sharing



What is Lumi

When You Use Lumi to Donate

  • The token system encourages willing and wealthy people to donate, while people without extra money can pray and help to promote the cause. Thus, the network effect is exponentially bigger than that of every man for himself.

  • Furthermore, Christians with similar purposes will find and support each other. Everyone will join forces to build an ideal world with his "spiritual community".

Metaverse Church
  • Lumi helps churches to have digital transformation and to expand their online influence. Churches can reach people around the world and spread the Gospel.

  • The identity of the participant is verified by ZK-DID (zero-knowledge proof decentralized identifier, a cutting edge security technology based on blockchain applications. Everyone has zero knowledge of each other's identity and behavioral information, but still have them checked and attested for authenticity so that no fraud or leak is ever possible).

  • All data sovereignty does not belong to any centralized platform, nor does it belong to Lumi. Data sovereignty belongs only to users.

  • The ZK-DID ensures the privacy and sfety of the church and believers, so that you can make friends and go dating and pray for people from anywhere in the world safely.

We Need You!

We Need You!

Lumi is now building, but we are short on people.


You work in the web3 industry


You are good at art design


You want to
Donate to us
to support the exploration of spreading the Gospel by Web3 tech


You are good at getting to know people and the media and love to be an 




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